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Where to stay in Bozcaada

Because of Bozcaada's rich historical past and the fact that the government has issued regulations to preserve the island’s cultural and natural habitat, you will not find big hotels or all-in holiday villages. However, there is an enormous variety of lodging possibilities, from beautiful and romantic boutique hotels to cosy and warm pensions. Even though there is a lot of variety, due to the island’s ever growing popularity it can be hard to find a room during summer time. So, if you would like to enrich your life with a soothing and charming holiday at this one and only Aegean pearl, book in advance.

Average prices of rooms at hotels and pensions start from around 70 TL per person per night. These prices generally includes breakfast.If you can choose between a cheaper/non-air conditioned room and a more expensive/AC room, go for a non-A/C one, because there is always a refreshing breeze blowing on and around Bozcaada. In the sparse moments that you will feel too warm, you can simply open your room window. And you do not have to be afraid of mosquitos, because thanks to Bozcaada's windy climate there are none around.