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•    To get a good impression of the island, first visit Bozcaada Museum

•    Spend one evening at the coast right next to the Wind Mills and watch the sun set with a bottle of island wine.

•    If you want to taste Island wines to the fullest, visit the island in June during the ‘Şarap Tadım Günleri’

•    In Bozcaada’s sea you can find various sea species, so take your snorkel and try diving.

•    Visit Göztepe with full moon, on one side you will see the sun setting, while at the same time on the other side you will see the moon rising.

•    Climb the towers of Bozcaada Castle and enjoy the view over the town and the sea.

•    When the Lodos wind is blowing, you can swim comfortably at Çayır where the sea will be calm then.

•    Bozcaada’s Art Gallery has opened its cafe to tourists. If you want to read a book, while listening to nice music this is a nice relaxation spot.

•    Bodrum’s pumpkin lights are being made and sold on Bozcaada, nowadays. A young couple that left Gümüşlük for Bozcaada has opened the store ‘Kargabak’, which you should definitely visit if only for the atmosphere. Little signs show you the way from Cafe Lisa and ‘Yalı Camii’.

•    Bozcaada’s only bookstore is the place where you can find old and new books. This is a bookstore where you can find an old Sartre you always wanted to re-read.