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Island facts

Time: Local time is equal to GMT + 2 hours. Same time zone all over the country (seven hours ahead of U.S. eastern standard time)

Telephone : The area code for Bozcaada (and the rest of Çanakkale province) is 286. All phone numbers in the island are further prefixed with 697 (which should be dialed even when calling within the island), making up 7 digits in the total without the area code (10 with the area code): 286-697-xx-xx. To call a number in the island from out of Turkey, dial +90 286 first.

Phone calls:The most economic way to telephone in Turkey is from a PTT telephone booth. There are few in Cumhuriyet Square in the center. Telephone cards are available in PTT.

Electricity: 220 volts a.c. throughout Turkey

Weights and Measures: Metric and Kilo system

Money:Turkey's currency is the Turkish Lira. Many shops and restaurants in Bozcaada accept payment in foreign currency. Credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops.With a credit or debit card you can withdraw local currency from cash machines.There is only one bank in the island. Travellers cheques and cash can be exchanged for TL at bank.

Bank: There are two ATM's in town and they do accept foreign VISA cards. One is located at the main square and other on the exterior wall of Ziraat Bankası in the town square.

POSTAL SYSTEMS AND TELEPHONE CALLS: Turkish post and telephone offices are easily recognizable by their"PTT" and "Turk Telekom" signs. Bozcaada post office is open from 9:00 am to 17.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Cash can be exchanged for TL at PTT.

Tap water: Safe to drink in Bozcaada since it has been chlorinated but not very tasteful.

Swimming season for Bozcaada: From June to October

Touristic Information: There is an Information Office in Bozcaada that can help you in reservation before or when coming to Island and give any information about the Island. This service by Bozcaada Tourism Managers Association(BOZTİD) is provided through English speaking personnel and e-info system (kiosk) and the office is located in the exit of pier. Apart from providing information and arranging reservation, the office also pays attention to any of your complaints and wishes. BOZTİD : -

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