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Aloha Hotel

Show Map (Lat-Lon)39.837592, 26.069445

The Aloha Hotel was opened in the summer of 2005 by a lady from Istanbul. Its special location is especially attractive. It is situated on the rocks behind the castle overlooking the whole island. Thus the view is very impressive day and night.

The hotel is small and cosy. The rooms are decorated with warm colours, flowery curtains and reflect a refined taste. There are no TVs or air conditioning in the rooms. The reason for this is owner’s wish to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere for people who have got lost in city life.

Breakfasts are served on a big table at the hotel. The wide range of cheese and fruits of the season looks very satisfactory. The fresh smell of the pastry coming from the kitchen every morning whets one’s appetite even more. People sit together as if they were members of a big family, eating and drinking as much as they want.

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