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Ada Bacchus Hotel

Show Map (Lat-Lon)39.825258, 26.006633

With its arthitecture identical to nature, Ada Bacchus is one of the interesting places on the island. The hotel is settled on a hill in the southern part of the island. Vineyards at the front, pine trees on the hills right across and the magnificient view of the southern coasts only summarize the charming view.

The hotel consists of a single storey building made by the combination of 4 vineyard houses. Every building is split into two rooms. In front of these rooms, there are verandas where you may sit and watch the view. The landscape of the hotel was given special care. The ambiance was enriched with many trees and flowers.

In the middle of the garden, the pool fits a lot to the sea of green. One of the most enjoyable moments is getting a sunbath around the pool or on the grass on a chaise lounge under the sun. Moreover, there are shady areas within the garden or under a tree where you may comfortably sit.

There are two restaurant/bars within the hotel. One is by the pool and the other is the wine house in the cellar. They serve not only to the guests but also to outside customers.

A large part of the garden is used as a vineyard. Grapes cultivated with latest systems are within the reach of your hand. In the vineyard, where 6 different table grapes and 3 wine grapes are cultivated, there is a strong possibility that you may taste a grape that you have never tried before

Ada Bacchus is named after the wine god in mythology. This name is no coincidence. The owner’s interest in wine culture can be found in his business concept. They take care not only to offer various selected grapes to their customers, but also food that will suit to special cellar wines.

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