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Çiçek Bakery

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Çiçek Ekmek, a bakery opened in 1959 and currently operating at 4 different locations in Istanbul. The owner, Tahir’s love of the island drifted him here to manufacture bread where he only spent his vacations previously. When first opened in May 2004, they only served as a bakery. The lack of a bakery house on the island encouraged them to produce various pastries other than bread.. Due to high demand for açma, pogaca, cookies and savories, they leased the old Municipal bakery and converted it into a pastry house. They make a variety of sweet and salty products both for the islanders and the visitors.

In Çiçek Bakery, all products are cooked in the stone oven on the wood fire, with no additives and all from natural ingredients. Rye, bran, frypan, village and Trabzon Vakfıkebir are to name a few varieties of bread. Their most popular products include Greek style almond cookies with gum, sesame seed donuts and home made baklava. While people used to order birthday cakes out of the island until they opened, now you order for a cake of your choice here.

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